New Zealand Wool Carpet

The unrivalled fibre for sustainable, high quality, high performance flooring.


The unique properties of wool can resist odours and help control moisture.


Wool is naturally hypo-allergenic, which helps to cleanse the air of uncomfortable allergens.


Unlike synthetic carpet, wool is naturally fire resistant, and offers a much greater level of fire safety than other fibres.


Bremworth wool carpets naturally improve a room’s warmth and acoustics, helping your home stay quieter and cosier.

Why Wool?

When it comes to choosing the number one best fibre for carpet, there is no substitute for quality wool. Given the rigorous indoor/outdoor lifestyle New Zealanders are known for it’s no wonder why kiwis are choosing wool for their floors. Wether it’s luxury, safety, hypo-allergenic, or comfort you’re after wool ticks all the boxes.

Wool carpet is not only luxurious, warm and durable, it’s also environmentally friendly! Wool is a natural fibre, sourced sustainably from sheep, which graze on the New Zealand countryside. These sheep produce wool and are sheared every 9-12 months creating a very sustainable low impact manufacturing process for wool carpet. Unlike competitor fibres which are manufactured out of synthetic materials, wool is naturally biodegradable, fire retardant and hypo-allergenic making it a safe choice for not only your family, but also the environment.  

So wether you’re shopping for comfort or functionality, we’re confident we have the wool carpet for your needs. Just pop in to our showroom and talk to one of the friendly staff.

Visit us in store to view (and touch) our wide variety of high quality wool carpet products.

Come in and see us!

It’s best to pop in and see us. We will take you through the best options and share valuable tips that suit you and your commercial or residential property. Our job is to help you get it sorted.

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