Timber Laminate & Cork Flooring

Timber Laminate Flooring

There’s something about wood or the look of wood that is so appealing. Whether you fancy a light oak, a darker bronze or copper tone there is a colour and a product to suit all budgets and all homes.

Laminates give that all-natural look without having to spend a huge amount of money, while still looking solid and striking. It’s a great product to use for those areas of the home that need to stand up to some heavy traffic and still come out strong.

Timber and timber planking, like laminates, are easy to install and transform your home from the ordinary to something everyone can admire. The natural look and feel of timber textures is simple elegance and makes any home feel cool, calm and collected.

Beautiful and easy to maintain, timber and laminate flooring suits every home.

Cork Flooring – Time to Shine

Another star on the block is of course, cork flooring. This natural product has it all. The product is sound proof, easy to maintain, thermally insulated, repels dust and is incredibly comfy, but also durable and strong. It’s a renewable resource that just keeps on giving.

Add to that the fact cork flooring comes in a huge range of colours it’s a designers dream. It’s simple to mix and match cork with a luxurious carpet or the more classic timber flooring. It’s easy to see why cork flooring is so popular.

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If you like the natural look then you’re in for a treat with timber, laminate or cork flooring. Your family will love it and you will too – all you need is a little bit of imagination and inspiration.

Now all we have to do is help you choose, so come on in to make your dream of beautiful flooring a reality.