Commercial Carpets  - They're the Business.

About Commercial Carpets

Commercial Carpets have certainly stepped up the mark over the years.  Due to their durability and high quality they are proving to be popular for residential properties as well. They’re certainly a great choice for those busier homes or rental properties when you need a hardy carpet that’s tough enough to take heavier traffic.

Most commercial carpets will have a fleck, random dots or are multi coloured because it’s a clever way to hide any dirt and still look smart.  On trend with the more modern spec’d commercial space are some very snazzy coloured carpets that really make a statement to your clients and create a vibrant team environment. 

From bright yellow to lush green they are a popular stylish new look of commercial carpets.

How can we help?

We understand that quality is certainly up there when it comes to making the right choice for commercial carpets and flooring. We stock the best brands that match quality with a great price. We have a range of carpets that look fantastic in the boardroom to the hotel lobby. 

We also know that business owners and operators want what’s best with very little fuss. It gives them security and peace of mind that they can rely on our professional product knowledge, efficient delivery and installation.  This is certainly an area where our team of consultants and installers really shine. Working together for over a decade we’ve got the system down pat.

Come in and see us!

It’s best to pop in and see us.  We will take you through the best options and share valuable tips that suit you and your commercial or residential property.  Our job is to help you get it sorted.

We are also more than happy to have a chat over the phone on (07) 571 8300 to grab your details and we can bring out swatches of carpet for you to view.